A Knock on the Door

At Midnight

I don't think I've ever shared this photo before. I'm wearing all three At Midnight yarn club patterns at once .. I'm rather proud of how well the three pieces work together. I'm currently prepping the patterns for general release. Watch this space.

However, I am running way behind schedule at the moment. I had a medical emergency just before the holidays which disrupted every single plan I had made. Then all of Casa Bookish fell ill with winter flu as we were driving home from our Aberedeenshire family holiday. Horrible, horrible flu -  it took forever to clear and I think it'll be a couple of weeks before I am back to normal levels of well-being. Grrrr.

This means that I'm pushing the release dates of some new patterns as well as the oft-mentioned Doggerland collection. When you are a one-woman operation it doesn't take much for the house of cards to fall, alas.

However: there is a new Scottish knitting event happening this year - the Edinburgh Yarn festival. I'd strongly suggest you keep your eyes peeled for some big announcements being made soon. My lips are sealed!

Happy new year!