The Light Is Pale & Thin

Oh, 2013. You are off to a slow, slightly bemusing start. Life is slowly creeping back into Casa Bookish. The suitcases are nearly unpacked, the laundry basket is nearly empty, and the fridge has been emptied of all holiday food. I still feel exhausted and I get easily winded, but I am feeling much better than I did just a few days ago. We've caught up with several friends and everybody seems to have been laid low with something this past holiday season. One thing is certain: I'll be getting the flu jab next winter season! No need to go through this %&¤#! again if I can help it..

So, I've been crossing off items on my giant To Do list. One of the top items was "preparing patterns for release" - and I crossed that one off my list today. All three yarn club patterns are now available for general consumption via Ravelry - you can buy them individually for as a bargainous e-book collection. Seeing as the original yarns are not available, I've worked together with Old Maiden Aunt yarns to find good colour substitutions.

At Midnight

At the same time I am busy designing some new things - I currently have two new designs on the needles and three other designs somewhere in the process between sketch and knitting.

In-between all my sample knitting, I have been knitting on my Bute cardigan. I cast off the second front last night which means I only have two sleeves to go, huzzah! I'll be block the back and fronts this week and hopefully get the body seamed, so I can pick up stitches for the button-band. I have a couple of different button styles to decide between but we'll cross that hurdle when we get to it.

Resident Photographer ran off with the camera today or I'd show you the unblocked pieces.

And if a blog entry could have a colour, this entry would be pale blue-grey with a dash of pink blush. The colour of winter slowly turning on its heel. Just like this photo from the Botanic Gardens we took late last year.