Three Lists

Ten Worst Predictions of 2008 is US-centric, but still amusing. New York Times columnist Bill Kristol did not have a great year - not only did he predict that Hillary Clinton would sweep the Democratic caucuses, Kristol was also the man who pushed for Sarah Palin's Vice-President nomination. I'm still not sure whether to thank him or not. Fifty Things Every British Girl Should Have amuses me. Beret? Check. Breton top? Yup. A pair of gold leggings? Of co... what?!? The fifty things ranges from the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous - and so they should. I'm just not sure how a lot of these things would hold up in Scottish weather conditions.

2008: The Indie Music Alphabet takes you from A to Z in a 'ironic New Wave folk by way of Oregon and Lapland in a faux-Ossie Clark dress and checked shirts' way. I recommend Wolf Parade because I'm quite predictable.

And one final thing: Silent Star Wars. Turn up the volume and lean back to watch what Star Wars might've looked like in 1923..