Pattern-Lust Unveiled

november-2008-308Let's talk knitting. Having just finished a quick Christmas knit for my Other Half's aunt, I am now working on the Lush and Lacy cardigan in a soft wool/alpaca blend. It is an interesting knit insofar as something is constantly happening - an interesting lace pattern, some reverse stocking stitch or some garter stitch - but I keep wondering if I will ever wear anything this overtly feminine. I am also slightly frustrated by the pattern instructions which are not as well-written or clear as they could be. I think it is a case of the author knowing exactly what she means but not having had other knitters read through it before putting the pattern up for sale. I have not had any major problems but I must admit to a tiny bit of frustration when I have to rip back ten rows because I missed that throwaway subordinate clause at the very bottom of the page.

What's next? Well, there are a lot of new patterns out there and quite a few have caught my eyes.

The new winter Knitty has just been unveiled with a fantastic selection of patterns (it is possibly my favourite issue thus far). Amelia is classy and very wearable (perfect for my Noro Cash Iroha in a heady rich purple which I scored at 75% off earlier this year). Norah Gaughan is a fecking genius and her Surface pushes all the right buttons for me. It has a vintage feel whilst being very current - and I have a thing for interesting collars, anyhow. Yarn? No idea. Finally, my three-year-old nephew would just love a fish hat, wouldn't he?

I'm dithering between liking the new Interweave Knits and .. not. I think Elaine's Blouse is frigging gorgeous. Funnily enough I just happen to have some peacock blue/teal tweed which I've been wanting to use in an unconventional way. A perfect union. I am also going to knit the Climbing Vines pullover, but I will need to a) lengthen it and b) make it more fitted. It would look beautiful in a deep claret red, wouldn't it? The rest of the patterns in this IK issue underwhelm me, however. They are slightly too nondescript or too frumpy for my taste (although it could be the styling). There's a fab article on Faroese knitting, though, which caught my attention (I'm one-quarter Faroese).

Another recent pattern which I absolutely love: the Hippocampus mittens. They look complicated, but they are really not. It'd be a good way to get myself back into colourwork and I think they are gawjuss.

And.. I have saved this pattern for last because I am head over heels in love with it to the extent I have to keep looking at it.

May I present to you: Flyte?

It's perfect. All interwar-period perfect in tweed and subtle colours that ask you in an Oxbridge-Countryhouse voice if you would like some Five O'Clock tea. The designer cites Brideshead Revisited as an obvious inspiration: Flyte is actually the surname of the two siblings, Sebastian and Cordelia, with whom the narrator gets entangled (Go read the book - its first part always makes me ache in all the right ways). I tell you: that top shall be mine once I figure out how to justify buying nine balls of Rowan Felted Tweed.

Having swooned over several patterns, now would be the time to mention that I have signed up for a "12 projects in 12 months" challenge (which should be entirely feasible), that several friends have either just given birth or will give birth within the next six months and that yesterday I was approached by a craft boutique who enquired about me possibly designing some pieces of children's knitwear(!?) for them. One thing is certain, though: Flyte and I will meet. Mark my words.