Happiness Is A Warm Neck

dec-2008-167One finished object to show off! I'm very, very happy with this one, actually. Finally getting my clammy hands all over a hank of Noro Cashmere Island, I managed to whip up this cowl in two evenings. I used a simple feather and fan stitch, found some perfect vintage buttons in my stash and .. it was done!

It feels divine, it's wonderfully warm and it matches my green coat (as much as the multi-coloured Noro yarn ever matches anything). Woo!

Next up: a pair of mittens.

PS. People have asked which secondhand shops I peruse here in Glasgow. "Relics" down Ruthven Lane is the Daddy-O off all secondhand shops anywhere (I scored two vintage silk scarves there yesterday, for example, but they rarely do clothing). I also like the shops along Dumbarton Road - the further out you get, the better stuff you find. As with all secondhand shops, you need to visit regularly to find good stuff.