Sighs and Cheers

january-2009-024It has been one of those nights. I was ready for a quiet night with my two knitting projects, sat down and I've had one minor mishap after another. My Norwegian Woods, which you can see to your left, started to go seriously wonky. If you follow the pattern link, look at the top part. See how the lace "branches off" to alternating sides? My lace didn't alternate sides and I didn't realise it until I had done a full 20-something repeat because I was very silly. No lifelines, of course, so I'll be tinkering/unknitting tomorrow (and possibly during the weekend too). Then I tried on my top-down sweater and stitches came undone and I'll have to play "catch them live stitches!" tomorrow as well.

One of those days..


.. except I just checked my email and was bowled over when I realised that T. (a good internet friend of mine) has bought a plane ticket from dark and gloomy Scandinavia, so she can help me celebrate my birthday next month! We've never met, so it's extra super-exciting and brilliant.