Poetry Animations

This is both very cool and just a bit creepy. Jim Clark, a "videographer" based in London, has animated photos or paintings of long-gone poets, paired the animations with poetry and you get things like Lord Alfred Tennyson "reading" his Ulysses:

While I'm sure some of the animations will be removed due to copyright violations (Sylvia Plath? TS Eliot? Oh yes, their estates will be in touch), Jim Clark has many excellent (and, again, creepy) videos uploaded to YouTube. Try some of these:

+ John Donne: Go Catch A Falling Star + Ezra Pound: The Year Puts On Her Shining Robe + W.H. Auden: Musee des Beaux Arts + John Keats: Ode To A Nightingale

A good reminder that poetry is as much about hearing as it is about reading. And just a touch disturbing.

PS. Uncanny valley, anyone?